A Few Tips About Attracting Your Soulmate

Now this is very simple yet not necessarily easy. When we truly Love ourselves and have released our baggage from the past, and, are focused on our vision and purpose, we become magnets for the same types of people. Anything else is a crap-shoot. We only attract people of the same or similar vibration. It’s never the other person, never! Now that may be a hard pill to swallow, and, all of us are 100% responsible in our relationships. We can choose to leave if agreements are not being honored, or if we are abused, or smothered, and the list goes on and on. These things are a lot less likely to happen if we follow the proven program I have laid out for you in my last two blogs. So for those of us that think that replacing your partner with somebody else is the answer, then guess again. The personal growth or development work we do on ourselves transforms any relationship we are in. True listening and communicating transforms all relationships. That does not necessarily mean that the relationship lasts, but it provides a foundation of work-ability to sort out who’s shit is who’s. From this new place of taking 100% responsibility, and focusing on our integrity or lack of, we begin to be truly Loving. As we release our past we start Loving ourselves in a way that’s different, new, and refreshing. And that is when we start taking care of ourselves, doing things for ourselves, and the sharing our open hearted Love with others. Now that’s attractive to healthy people and lays the groundwork for finding your Soulmate. Who wouldn’t want that?

About Rusty Stewart

My name is Rusty Stewart, Ph.D. and I am the founder of Personal Growth Alternatives LLC, a holistic healing center and reiki school located in Abington, PA.

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  1. Carol L. October 4, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    Who wouldn’t want that, indeed! Your comment about “the bitter pill to swallow” reminds me of the Mary Poppins song “A Spoonful of Sugar” and how it helps the medicine go down. Adding a little love to one’s communication and general outlook is the sugar, and can help with the sometimes difficult, but always valuable, personal growth that is required to truly take 100% responsibility for our selves and what we create in our lives. Thanks for the blog Rusty! I love getting your insights to help me think of things in new ways.

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