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Overview: Have you ever noticed that most successful people that are on top of their game in most vocations have a coach? Why do you think that is? It’s because successful people in Philadelphia and around the world are always learning, want to be held accountable for taking action and achieving their goals, and want an objective viewpoint that can help point out their blind spots that block their growth. Life Coaching is for people who want to take their lives to the next level of excellence and beyond. Life coaching is not therapy. As a Philadelphia Life Coach, I will guide you to create goals, take action, and produce tangible results. My job is to hold you accountable for taking unreasonable actions to manifest what you say you want in your life. Your purpose and goals must touch, move, and inspire you to live the life you love! I’m looking for people who are serious about transforming themselves and the world. You must be coachable! Change and transformation do not occur if you already think you know what works. The most successful people have a level of humility and open-mindedness that propels them to higher levels of excellence and transformation. If you want to play a big game in life, and, are willing to do whatever it takes, including jumping through hoops if you have to, then my Life Coaching services will inspire you to take bold action even in the face of no agreement.

You see, true leaders look at no agreement as a game to really make a difference in their lives and those around them. True change and transformation will not always be welcomed because it requires people to really take action differently. It is uncomfortable. It requires courage, tenacity, endurance, open-mindedness, and an open heart! Transformation requires BEING different! If you are ready to be a true leader in your own life and inspire the people around you then call me NOW! 609.332.4663

Commit to this program if you want to be empowered to manifest abundance and prosperity in:

1)     Relationships

2)     Career and Work

3)     Money and Material Things

4)     Emotional Health

5)     Healthy Sexuality

6)     Spirituality

7)     Social and Recreational Activities

8)     Conscious Action with Environmental, Community, and Social Responsibility

9)     Conscious Languaging and Thinking

10)  Time and Committed Action

If you are interested in being the best you can be and/or have any questions please call Rusty NOW at 609-332-4663 to schedule your complimentary Life Coaching consultation and interview.

The center is dedicated to serving the Philadelphia tri-state area including, Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA communities since 2000.