Integrated Psychotherapy

Psychotherapist PhiladelphiaRusty Stewart PhD conducting a Psychotherapy Philadelphia session.

Overview: At Personal Growth Alternatives, our approach to psychotherapy, including the creation of an actionable treatment plan, involves collaborating with the client to determine which modalities best fit each individual. I engage in compassionately listening to your needs, helping us guide YOU to the answers within yourself. This is your therapy and you ultimately know what intuitively feels right.

My 12 years of experience as a Philadelphia psychotherapist have shown that hypnotherapy, breathwork, journeying, and energy work integrated with talk therapy, accelerate positive results and healing. I’m an expert in coaching people to eliminate patterns that block their greatness and happiness. Together, we will use these time-tested techniques to help you live a life that touches, moves, inspires and creates abundance in all areas of your life!

My primary focus is to teach people healthy life coping skills so they can learn how to heal on their own. Additionally, I coach people on how to create and live a life they love! I also teach breathing techniques, meditation, guided imagery and offer alternatives that complement traditional healing methods.

Breath/Energy Work

Overview: There are two different types of breathwork that I am certified to facilitate in my individual sessions. The first is called Heart Centered Breathwork. This type of breathwork is meant to regress a person back to another time in their history to help release trauma, fear, guilt, and shame around current issues but related to original events in the past. Some people regress to birth. Typically people regress to wherever they need to release energy from their past so their present issues, triggerers, and negative energy are significantly lessened.

The second type of breathwork is called Holistic Integrative Breathing. I certify people in this type of breathing and have a 6 cd set to guide the breathing process with positive affirmations. I have integrated this type of breathwork with essential oils, energy work, and Reiki. Essentially, I have the person apply a number of essential oils to different parts of the body. Then, while they are breathing to my cds on the sound massage table, I do a Reiki and energy healing session with them while breathing in sync with them. My friend calls this method I use a “chakra car wash.” LOL! This type of breathwork is not meant to regress a person. The purpose is to move energy around the body and release what no longer serves them back to the earth to be purified. This process is also great for reducing mind chatter and getting people present.


Overview: Hypnotherapy is different than hypnosis. With hypnotherapy we take a current issue that is bothering the person and regress them back to another time in their life when they had the same or similar experience. The intent is to go all the way back to the original event or source of the negative energy or upset. When releasing in a regressed state and giving the energy back to the original person in a closed eye trance state, people make profound experiential connections and heal much more rapidly. The second part of the session is used to enhance new behaviors and decisions that support the changes they are committed to making.

Couples Counseling

Overview: The first thing I teach each person is how to give and receive feedback. We practice this with one another. Then I use the Imago method by Harville Hendricks where one person listens to their partner while the other one tells their story. The person that is listening is to mirror back what the other person is saying. People get really clear that each person has their own interpretation and perception of what happened and what things mean. And, generally what is usually bothering one about the other goes back to childhood. These two communication processes, feedback and mirroring, are excellent ways of seeing that a person’s behavior is not who they are as a person. And the emotionally triggered behavior is usually coming from our childhood and not our partner. We are in relationships to heal our past. These two communication techniques transform relationships!

Shamanic Journeying

Overview: There are two types of Shamanic Journeying I employ. The first is when I drum to take a person into Mother Earth to meet their spirit guides, power animals, and/or animal totems and ask them questions and seek guidance with their self. I also have a 6 cd set to guide people in their own journeying process so they can do it at home on their own. Many times this type of guided imagery frees people up to receive some great wisdom and insight.

The second type of Shamanic Journeying happens during a Shamanic Reiki treatment. During this hands on healing process the person with do a journey into their own body to do their own healing work. I am there as a guide to witness the person’s healing and support their emotional process. People have told me they feel empowered with Shamanic Reiki because they are taking charge and healing themselves with Spirit!

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