Why are you letting fear stop you?

Why are you letting fear stop you? I feel fear pretty regularly. There have been many times when I let fear stop me from my dreams whether in relationship, my career, or asking for what I want. Just so you know fear is a part of being human. You can’t escape it! EVERYBODY has fears! […]

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90 Minute Training Call: “Trusting and Busting Negative Relationship Patterns.”

This is going to Rock Your World! This Friday September 12th I am offering a FREE 90 minute training call on “Trusting and Busting Negative Relationship Patterns.” Is that pulse-pounding or what? I picked this topic for 2 reasons: 1)      This is a challenge many of you had in the Soulmate Mania Summit Survey results, […]

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Do You Feel Frustrated and Hopeless Trying to Find and Keep Your Soulmate?

Hi Everyone, Do you want to attract and keep your soulmate with deep lasting love and sizzling spiritual sex? So many people feel lonely, disappointed, hurt, intimidated, desperate, apathetic, and resigned when it comes to attracting the partner(s) of their dreams. DO NOT SETTLE OR GIVE UP!!! You deserve to share your life with someone […]

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Create Your Vision and Attract Your Soulmate!

I thought for this blog post I would provide an outline of my talk coming up this Sunday at Awakened Heart Spiritual Center. Here are the steps to Create Your Vision and Attract Your Soulmate: I. Create Your Vision A. Do your work (therapy, seminars in personal development, personal growth groups, read, etc.) 1. Complete […]

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Relationship Amnesia

Wow! It’s been awhile since I posted on my blog. And I made a commitment and promise to myself and those who read my blogs to be consistent. I am restoring my integrity and promise I will blog at least twice a week. This is what I call relationship amnesia. Meaning, I chose not to […]

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Relationship Acceptance

What is in the way with human beings accepting all types of relationships and lifestyles? Being right, fear, dogma, passed down prejudices? What is missing? Compassion, agreeing to disagree, tolerance, Love? Maybe acceptance is Love? Unconditional Love that is. What do you think? As human beings we are constantly going in and out of integrity, […]

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Sex and Intimacy in Relationships

Many of my teachers over the years have said that intimacy is in-to-me-see. It is the way of being that has us being vulnerable, open, honest, and authentic with ourselves and others. Sex however, is an expression of our sexuality and can be experienced many different ways by many different lifestyles. Intimacy is a key […]

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Relationships and the Holidays

This is a emotionally mixed time of year. Holidays can bring the best or the worst out of people. Many of us have good memories and bad memories from holidays during childhood. The main thing is to take care of yourself during this holiday season. Have a support network in place. Do NOT spend the […]

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Forgiveness is for YOU!

Many people think that foregiveness is for the person they are forgiving. However, that is not the case. Have you ever heard the expression “not forgiving is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die?” Not forgiving harbors resentment. Resentment is anger building up inside the body. By the way if you take the […]

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Making a Difference

What do you want your legacy to be? What are you leaving as your contribution to the world after you transition? Are you up to playing a BIG game in life? What kind of a difference do you want to cause? I know these can be challenging questions, especially when it involves our mortality. I […]

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