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Reiki Philadelphia

Personal Growth Alternatives offers Reiki certification and Holistic Integrative Breathing certification to beginners and master practitioners alike. Our Integrative Breathing and Reiki courses are highly personalized and all of our students receive extensive one-on-one training as a result of our smaller class sizes. Our Reiki School has offered these certifications since 2001. We’ve taught hundreds of students many of whom have gone on to become master practitioners and teachers themselves.

Below, you will find a brief description of each of the courses we teach. You can check our schedule and register for classes and/or workshops directly on our calendar page here.

PGA is a Reiki School Philadelphia offering Reiki courses and certifications.

Reiki is hands on energy healing. It can also be done a couple of inches off the body as well as absentee long distance healing. Dr. Mikao Usui founded Reiki in the mid-nineteenth century. He was searching for the ancient secret of healing. It was in the Indian sutras, written in Sanskrit, where he discovered a formula for contacting a higher power that could bestow healing.

To learn more about the history of Reiki, we recommended the following books available for sale on our products page here.

Reiki Level 1 – Students will learn/ experience the first level attunement, learn about the history of Reiki and their Reiki Master linage, hand positions, kanji positions, grounding and centering, scanning and beaming, hands on clinical practice, and other more specialized techniques.

Reiki Level 2 – Students will learn/experience the second level attunement, learn some of the Reiki symbols, long distance healing, emotional healing and balancing from the heart, root/sacrum, and the mental level, removing clouds from the emotional layer, hands on clinical practice, and other more specialized.

Reiki Level 3 – Masters Certification students learn/ experience the third level attunement, learn the Reiki Master Empowerment Symbol, how to teach Reiki, attune students to all three levels of Reiki, how to Love and heal thyself, hands on clinical practice, and other more specialized techniques.

Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Certification – Through ceremony and practice, assisted by the four elements, plants, music, sacred stones, shamanic journeys and Reiki spirit guides, Rusty facilitates your opening to Shamanic Reiki. You will receive the Master-Practitioner Tibetan Buddhist symbol and attunement; receive another archetypal symbol for use in healing work; learn to work with your spirit guides and the four elements in the healing/cleansing process; practice body-centered journeying techniques for yourself and your clients; and etheric body-work approaches; energetic practices to support spiritual healing and the path of the healer. Open to all Reiki Level II practitioners and up – masters and master-teachers as well.

PGA offers Philadelphia Reiki courses for all levels. Holistic Integrative Breathing – The purpose of this breathing is to heal, balance, clear, and not to bring up past trauma. You will learn how to continuously breathe from your belly and move your energy through your body. Aromatherapy and positive affirmations, will accompany this breathing process. Ideally, when our bottom three energy centers are clear and balanced and our top three energy centers are clear and balanced, we live in joy from the heart in unconditional love. You can truly integrate alternative healing methods with the traditional and non-traditional and create your own personalized holistic practice to empower and heal yourself.

Holistic Integrative Breathing Practitioners Training Level I – Learn, experience, and be certified in all 8 of the Transformational Breaths, the Primal Drumming Breath, an Inca Breath Meditation, a Twin Heart Meditation, and a Chi Gong Standing Breath Meditation. Affirmations, aromatherapy, chakra work, and energy clearing will be taught to complement the breathing process and create sacred space for healing. This can be integrated into individual practices or groups and workshops.

Holistic Integrative Breathing Practitioners Training Level II – Intensive partner facilitation practice of the breathing process with clearing, balancing, and moving energy. The nuts and bolts of integrating all the pieces together in a coherent whole including the forms used, and the business and marketing pieces. Integrity of healing is discussed with clear intent being the foundation of our practice. More concentration is placed on our individual spiritual/energy healing to facilitate the process for our clients and walk the talk.  Prerequisite: Reiki I or an energy modality in which clearing and moving energy has been practiced and learned.

Holistic Integrative Breathing Practitioners Training Level III – This is a train the trainer level for practitioners interested in teaching this modality to other practitioners. Emphasis is on our own further individual work and opening up the third eye and other sensitivities to the energy body. Techniques will be taught on teaching, facilitation, and organization of materials. More advanced skills will be learned relating to the chakras, integration, quantum physics, spirituality, and taking our discipline to the next level and connect with all that is.

Integrated Psychotherapy Practitioner Certification – Customized program based on the group’s experience and knowledge. Cost will be determined by the factors above. The structure of the training will be similar to Reiki and Holistic Integrative Breathing. Prerequisites – Reiki Level III and Holistic Integrative Breathing Level III.

We primarily teach residents of the Philadelphia, Bucks County PA and Montgomery County PA areas. Our classes are held in Abington, PA conveniently located at our sacred studio space right outside the North Eastern section of Philadelphia. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (609) 332 4663 or e-mail info@personalgrowthalternatives.com