Create Your Vision and Attract Your Soulmate!

I thought for this blog post I would provide an outline of my talk coming up this Sunday at Awakened Heart Spiritual Center. Here are the steps to Create Your Vision and Attract Your Soulmate:

I. Create Your Vision
A. Do your work (therapy, seminars in personal development, personal growth groups, read, etc.)
1. Complete any unfinished business from your past and have completion conversations if
2. Take 100% responsibility for whatever happened and the stories you made up.
3. Connect with your higher power, turn it over, and ask for help. Let go of trying to do it
4. Write a list of 100 things that you want to be, do & have in your life. Do not filter!
5. Sit in stillness and quiet will you will not be disturbed and start writing your vision
statement. Your vision statement is what is important and dear to you heart, and what you
want to create in your life.

II. Attract Your Soulmate
1. From your vision statement start to list what your soulmate would be like if she/he were
in alignment with who you are and what is important to you and dear to your heart.
2. List your non-negotiables or requirements of your soulmate. This is important because
sacrificing what is important and dear to your heart will cause resentment. And resentment
destroys relationships.
3. Now list your needs and wants. These can be met by other people outside of your primary
4a.This next piece is the tricky part. There are two ways to do this. I’ll give you the most
successful first. Become best friends. Don’t have sex early on. Sex makes us stupid. It’s
much more organic to find out if your requirements are going to be met if you become
friends and abstain from sex.
4b.The other way is to interview them without she/he knowing they are being interviewed. I
teach how to do this. Bottom line people that are attracted to each other will tell the
other what they want to hear. This leads to all sorts of problems later in the
relationship. The whole purpose of interviewing and/or becoming friends, is to look for
flags and not get involved if flags are coming up around your requirements.
5. Now you are ready to put yourself in the right venues after you have learned and applied
these techniques. Once again, do not force an outcome. Use these skills then turn it over
to your higher power. Love is important, and, not everything. A soulmate includes Love,
compatibility, in interests, ways of being, and sex. Sex is a whole other topic for
another time.

About Rusty Stewart

My name is Rusty Stewart, Ph.D. and I am the founder of Personal Growth Alternatives LLC, a holistic healing center and reiki school located in Abington, PA.
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