Why are you letting fear stop you?

Why are you letting fear stop you?

I feel fear pretty regularly.

There have been many times when I let fear stop me from my dreams whether in relationship, my career, or asking for what I want.

Just so you know fear is a part of being human. You can’t escape it! EVERYBODY has fears!

So as my Mom continues to deteriorate with Alzheimer’s, I fear my last parent dying, I fear not being able to take care of myself during this sad and undignified process, and I fear not being present in my coaching business and not completing what I need to complete to finish my FREE “Edgy Love Secrets Revealed Speakers Summit” that launches April 13th. Boy, it that a run on sentence or what? LOL!

Here’s what’s different today as compared to my past; FEAR WILL NOT STOP ME!

I am not my fears!

I choose to show up regardless of my circumstances!

When you learn to take action in spite of your fears your life will transform!

And so will your relationships and Love Life regardless of what lifestyle you resonate with!

What’s required is taking risk that is affirmed and validated by your Higher Self. This is another way of saying trust your intuition!

If you want to be unstoppable and attract spectacular, fulfilling, ravishing Love relationships, you must do something different in the face of fear!

People who trust themselves engage in unbridled self expression while standing in fear.


Are you letting fear stop you?


What are you scared of?


Is fear keeping you from having the relationship you’ve always wanted?


I can help and have experienced the crippling effects of fear first hand.


Light & Love,

Dr. Rusty

About Rusty Stewart

My name is Rusty Stewart, Ph.D. and I am the founder of Personal Growth Alternatives LLC, a holistic healing center and reiki school located in Abington, PA.
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