What is Relationship Transformation?

Relationship transformation all starts with our self. When relationships become unworkable many people want to blame the other person. When in fact we are 100% responsible for the relationship. Everything comes down to communication. Most of us have modeled poor communication from our childhoods. Effective communication involves being generous with our listening. In other words, we are not formulating a response in our heads. Listening is being fully present with another human being coming from nothing, or to put it another way, no past or history with the person. When we react to what somebody says we are not listening. And, if we react or are triggered it is our unresolved, unfinished business from our past. Great listeners create a space of greatness with the person they are interacting with. If you want your relationships to transform, listen with a blank slate, get into their world, ask questions, acknowledge them, be present, and look them in their eyes. There is much more to communication and relationship transformation, and, this is a good place to start from. After all there is no inherent truth, only interpretation. WOW, 7 billion worlds of perception. How can we be so arrogant to think our view of the world is the truth? Feel free to comment. Talk with you again soon.


Rusty Stewart

About Rusty Stewart

My name is Rusty Stewart, Ph.D. and I am the founder of Personal Growth Alternatives LLC, a holistic healing center and reiki school located in Abington, PA.
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