Little Voice, Part II

The problem is basically this; our Higher Self and adult voice is many times the servant to the little voice which is our Master. The key is to have our little voice become our servant and have our adult and Higher Self voice become out Master. This shift will produce amazing results in your relationships, and, in all areas of your lives. You see, the little voice does not want to be held accountable. Primarily because the little voice was formed in childhood as a result of modeling our caretakers. So one of the ways to quiet our little voice is to be in integrity. Do what we say we’re going to do. Hold ourselves accountable. Do not sell out to the little voice. Say, thank you for sharing and move on to taking action and being your word to yourself and your relationship(s). This is why agreements are so important in relationships. There has to be a way to measure whether you are holding yourself and your partner accountable. Agreements make that possible. Agreements must be specific and measurable. The little voice will want ot wander away from various agreements. Thank you for sharing, and, my agreements are important to me! I’m choosing to be and adult and listen to my Higher Self because integrity is important to me, and I want an awesome relationship! You could even call these agreements as a code of honor to follow to keep you on track. I’m here to share with you that this stuff really works! Check out my next blog to learn more about agreements.


Dr. Rusty

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My name is Rusty Stewart, Ph.D. and I am the founder of Personal Growth Alternatives LLC, a holistic healing center and reiki school located in Abington, PA.
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